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By SFLguy
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Well there can't be too many flies, I don't see them unless they are already caught so I think it's fine

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By jmoore3274
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LAKJP wrote:
tish wrote:If you want a safer way to get ride of those ??? Pest / fungus. Add 1 part white/artificial vinegar to 20 part water and spray all over the plant. Spray a little if you are not sure. I admit I have not done it before on cp. But it works on my other plants

Vinegar is weak acid.

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Do you know if your recipe is effective against red spider mites?

I understand about the whole "Organic" pest control movement. I agree with it when it comes to edibles and sustainable crop production. The thing is most hobbyists grow for enjoyment and take great pride in the look and health of their plants. When it comes to the "Nightmare" pests such as mites and thrips there is no way to totally get rid of them in an organic way. You will only be knocking them down and suppressing them. The only true way to manage mites is to keep things clean, quarantine new plants and to stick to a simple IPM system (Integrated Pest Management).

The best way to control mites is to start organic. Knock them down with some neem oil or a pyrethroid based insecticide like pyrethrin or beta- cyfluthrin. Give it a week and see how the colony is doing. Sometimes the colony of mites will collapse. If they are still present treat organically again. The thing is mites are bastards of a pest and are very resilient and most of the time to totally get rid of them you have to use a systemic insecticide. Don't let the mite colony have the chance to get large enough to where you start seeing webs. They will move from plant to plant and because of that when I see them I do not hesitate to start treating. In my honest opinion when you see them go nuclear off the bat. If you are worried about systemic chemicals then start organically like mentioned above.

I hope none of you ever have to deal with a well entrenched mite colony. It's a total headache.
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