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I have just gotten some seeds from my drosera spatulata. Please can someone tell me everything about taking care of sundew seeds to help them grow. You can just leave me a link for a good website. Please Help!! Also, how do I set up a terrarium for them?
Sundews do not need terrarium. But if you want, you can.

There are 2 kinds of germination. One is the water germination, the other is just the normal germination.

For me, i prefer water germination, because the success rate is quite high, but of course it is slower.
I am in a rush, so i will cut this short.

Water Germination

1) Open the package
2) Pour the seeds into a container filled with distilled water.
3) Cover it up with a lid.
4) Wait for germination. (Maybe 1 month or so)

Soil Germination

1)Open the package
2)Use the tray method to water the soil first. (If you don't know the tray method, it is just simply put a saucer filled with water and put the pot on it.
3) After the soil is moist, sprinkle the seeds equally on the soil. And DON'T ever bury it.
4) Wait for germination.

*Make sure that the tray is always filled with water and never ever let it dry out*

Hope this helps :3
well, at the inital stages, keep it quite wet, dont let the top of the soil dry out, when the plants get bigger u can increase the time between watering.

Young plants are quite sensitive to drought because of their undeveloped root system
Uh oh I think I took out my spatulata seeds a little early. Can you please help. I haven't planted them yet but I have taken them out of the seed pod and placed them in paper next to silica gel which i covered in a plastic bag and put in the refrigerator. When I first took the two seed pods they weren't super dry, and were just beginning to show signs of light brown. Should I still plant them? Will there still be a high success rate?
Don't refrigerate them. It's not necessary if you want to germinate them within a few months. They remain viable for a long time anyway. Unless you live in a super humid area, air drying is also fine (just less effort)

The seeds should be ripe if they are black. I'm not sure if they will germinate if they aren't ripe, but you might as well give it a go.

Next time, make sure that the seed has blackened before you take them off the stalk. You should be able to gently rip off the dried flower petals and see seed under it. The seed pod probably won't be completely dry at this time.

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