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By SundewWolf
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Venus Flytraps:

Akai ryu
BCP 1343-08 (Kim Jong-Un)
BCP 1343-01 (Kim Il-sung)
Clayton's Red Sunset
cupped traps
FTS Maroon Monster
FTS Towering Giant
Fuzzy tooth
King Henry
Long Red Fingers
Pink Venus
Schuppenstiel I
SD Phoenix/FTS Kilauea
Werewolf Spawn

My own 'cultivars';

'MD Buttcheeks'
(weird one with traps like Moontraps/angelwings ... 22799.html )


Queensland sisters:

D. Adelae 'white flower'
D. Adelae 'giant'
D. Schizandra
D. Prolifera
D. x Andromeda

D. Admirabilis
D. Affinis
D. Aliciae
D. Binata (some regular type. came as weeds)
D. Capensis
D. Graomogolensis
D. Hamiltonii
D. Spatulata (Frasier's Island form)
D. Spatulata (White Flower form)
D. Spatulata Lantau Island #6
D. Regia
D. Venusta

Cold Hardy sundews:
D. rotundifolia
D. intermedia
D. intermedia albino
D. linearis

Petiolaris sundews:

D. Falconeri
D. (falconeri x ordensis) x ordensis
D. petiolaris x darwiniana


H. minor
H. heterodoxa 'gran sabana'
H. nutans
H. sarracenioides
H. pulchella
H. folliculata
H. exappendiculata 'Chimanta'
H. heterodoxa x ionasii


P. Moranensis
P. Gypsicola
P. Agnata "red leaf"
P. "Aphrodite"

Pitcher plants (Sarracenia):

S. flava
S. flava rubricorpora
S. flava (cuprea x ornata)
S. leucophylla "Tarnok"
S. leucophylla Hurricane Creek White - Clone F
S. leucophylla Schnell's Ghost
S. "Leucophylla Red Throat Stripe" (technically a x moorei)
S. minor
S. minor v. Okefenokeensis (Phil's Giant x Clumping cultivar)
S. minor v. Okefenokeensis (Phil's Giant x R.P. clone)
S. oreophila - source: Meadowview BRS
S. oreophila "Sand Mountain"
S. oreophila x (OP - probably crossed with Moorei)
S. Leucophylla x Oreophila
S. Psittacina (Nassau county FL)
S. Purpurea ssp. purpurea
S. purpurea (dark red. store bought)
S. purp var. montana
S. purp var. montana SC003 Barry Rice's super veined clone
S. purp "smurf"
S. purp "Brunswick Beauty" x Leah Wilkerson
S. rubra ssp. gulfensis (anthocyanin free)
S. x Catesbaei "rugelii" (Doppleganger of "S. tina" or "S. sorrow")
S. x Excellens (Leuco Burgundy x Minor Giant)
S. X Umlauftiana
S. x Readii
S. x "Night sky"
S. x 'Mooreana'
S. x moorei
S. x red moorei (Leucophylla x Flava Red Triffid Park)
S. x moorei (“Cook’s green and white”)
S. x 'Adrian Slack'
S. x 'Leah Wilkerson'
S. x 'Dana's delight'
S. x 'formosa'
S. x 'scarlet belle'
S. courtii
S. courtii heterophylla (anthocyanin free)
S. Alata "Night" x Moorei Phil's #5

other random, possibly junk crosses
S. flava x oreophila
S. alabamensis x oreophila
S. flava x psittacina
S. Yellow Catesbaei x flava

Sarracenia breeding program seedlings (too young to tell if they are worth of cultivar status, but to keep track of it is)
Adrian slack x Leah wilkerson
Adrian slack x moorei
Adrian slack x
Flava rubri. x Leuco purple lips

in the fridge:
waccamaw x waccamaw
Alata blk tube x alata blk tube
Dana's delight x purpurea
Dana's delight x rubricorpora
Lunchbox x self
Starry night x leuco Franklin B
Leuco red x Leuco pink
Leuco clone C Giant White x purpurea tattnall co GA
Oreo sand mountain x self
Vinter's treasure x saurus


Cephalotus follicularis
Cephalotus "Norma" - Cali Carnivores
Cephalotus "Hampshire Red"
Cephalotus "Queen Mary"


N. x Miranda
N. x ventrata
N. bicalcarata "red flush"
N. bicalcarata "Marudi"
N. bicalcarata "Sri aman"
N. rafflesiana
N. 'Viking' x Rafflesiana tricolor
N. Maxima "wavy leaf"
N. gracilis


Bicalcarata "orange" / "brunei orange"
Seed-grown crossed bicals


Red piranha
Moon trap
Angel wings
Purple haze
booman's mutant
DC all red
Clayton's red sunset
schuppensteil 1
Fuzzy tooth
"Trichterfalle x coquilage"
fts towering giant
Rehder giant

Sarracenia Purpurea "sorrow" or "tina"

H. tequila
H. exappendiculata 'GIANT BUBBLE'
H. Purpurascens
H.minor "Burgundy Black"
H. minor "Big Organge"
H. elongata

My own numbered varieties (to keep track of them and have a reference of what I cross pollinate)-

Sundewwolf's {MD01} "typical" from rocket farms ... 19065.html
Very robust with a nice shape and big traps.

Sundewwolf's {MD02}
(Color may only appear later on in the growing season.) ... 21797.html

Sundewwolf's {MD03} ... 24089.html
Changes physical apperance greatly during the year. Short fat leaves w/ green traps and spikes on the petiole. Red traps with orange outside on thin petioles in fall.

Sundewwolf's {MD04}
Very nice coloring. Red line on the inside near teeth, orange-ish trap color, purple teeth. ... ml#p205795

Sundewwolf's {MD05}
Large and vigorous VFT from Lowes; ... ml#p214413
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By Lee
Posts:  638
Joined:  Thu Mar 07, 2013 11:16 pm
It's worth writing as its a great growlist, cup traps is highest on my want list atm but no-one in the UK sells one

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By SundewWolf
Posts:  2219
Joined:  Fri Mar 08, 2013 2:38 pm
I have no problem trading (or honestly even giving away) my plant divisions, it's just I know nothing about shipping a plant properly. Not only that, but my cupped traps is kinda slow, and I don't see any divisions yet, just old die-off.

Maybe eventually I could send you one, but we would have to figure out shipping and, I believe, customs.
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By Lee
Posts:  638
Joined:  Thu Mar 07, 2013 11:16 pm
Yeah, I take it your from America (I can't see location as I'm on tapatalk) I do believe someone is propagating one for me but I have to wait

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By SundewWolf
Posts:  2219
Joined:  Fri Mar 08, 2013 2:38 pm
Put a strike through all the VFTs that died last year due to the mite outbreak which was left untreated for half the year. Hopefully I can get some replacements in the springtime.

At least my "Alien" didn't die...That really would have been a set back since I likely wouldn't be able to afford it for a while (got mine thru a trade).

MD Buttcheeks is giving me a scare though. Hope the divisions I gave away are doing better...
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