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By Droseracloner314
Got a lot of presents in the mail today, some red Hollands from FTS with well over 50 free darli Cali seeds, woohoo! And from the website I got a d. Anglica that I believe looks pretty darn good after 4 days in the mail! I'm getting very addicted to these cp's! Let me know what you guys think of my new baby!

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Yeah I think it looks good! there is dew on it but its not terribly sticky but it will recover. But I paid 14.95 plus 8 or so for shipping. Great website too. They have a few harder to find drosera's on there. Very pleased with them and the packaging was superb!
Well I just unwrapped it from the mail so I've only had it a few hours and it had some dew on it. Most of the dew is dry and not sticky so we will see how long it takes to get back to dull dew! Very pretty thought lots of pink even with dry dew!
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