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List the plants you grow

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By CPgrower
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Rainbow Plant:
Byblis liniflora (seeds, 2-12---Ebay)....grew one plant, went to seed
Byblis liniflora (from seed, 5-13)

Tropical Pitchers:
Nepenthes ventrata (mother plants X 2 and many cuttings 2010---Arts in the Park Show)
Nepenthes x sanguinea (9-11---Lowes)
Nepenthes miranda (4-11 CPN)

Available for trade:
Cuttings of N. ventrata Thread: ... 19667.html

Planter Mini-bog: ... 14337.html
Indoor Greenhouse: ... ml#p132605
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By CPgrower
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Joined:  Sun Nov 28, 2010 10:51 pm
List has been updated!

Repainted a few pots outside, along with the planter bog, to white. (I will make a thread for it under the mini-bog section. Will have to move a bunch of photos though, so I'll do it later. Here is the thread it is on now: ... 14058.html) This will cut down on the heat from the sun during the warmer months (and now with the days getting up to near 70*F occasionally!)

Got in some grow spectrum lights today for the greenhouse. One of the T5 strips had 'bloom spectrum' for the longest time (it's the bulbs that came with). I hope the plants in the tray under it, like the ceph, can flourish now instead of just being "meh"!

Re-potted the ceph clump that I got last February (2011) from FTS. Figured a year was a good run and wanted to break up the clump. The pitchers are small along with the leaves, but I got about 4 clumps and the main one with 3 connected as one. I hope they turn red and really start growing now! If they seem to be doing well, and make some larger pitchers, I will add some osmocote fertilizer to the pitchers.

Working on making some more cuttings of N. ventrata (The ones sold as alata most of the time. They were ID'd on here as ventrata). One pot has grow tips to the top of my indoor greenhouse! They are actually pushing against the plastic. That just will not do! :D I should have about 8 cuttings by the time I am finished! I'll probably be looking to get rid of some of those when it gets warmer outside.

Planted 5 rainbow plant seeds in the bog planter outside. I want to see if they will germinate when it gets warmer (ie: they cold will keep them good until they can sprout).

Planted 4 rainbow plant seeds in the greenhouse. These are the "control" group and should germinate before the ones outside. They should have favorable conditions off the bat, as compared to those outside.

Rest of the rainbow seeds will be planted when I get the sudnew (indica and filliformis) in the mail from SDCPs.

Looking to start up another sundew collection. I never had a big one, but now I would like to grow a good variety. They are so amazing! I've got the space for them on a shelf in the greenhouse and looking forward to getting some started up! If you have seeds available, PM me! :)
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By Steve_D
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CPgrower wrote:^SPAM! On MY grow list! How dare you!
Spam and spammer deleted from FlytrapCare Forum. :)
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