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By David F
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Hey everyone I'm back after the internet was down for a while (construction totally jacked it up)

But anyways, the sphagnum moss I got Matt a while back, I don't know about everyone else, but to me the stuff is just plain interesting it grows with no nutrients, and I think it just looks awesome :) I'm hoping to get a ton more, even though I don't need it :twisted:

A few things that are new with me, I got the new 4 foot double lamp florescent from walmart everyone talks about that I could never find :).

I also had about 60 fly trap seeds rott on me, I filled up the water, and was busy THE ENTIRE WEEK not able to check up on them, I guess that you should only fill it up all the way only when germinating, not post germination :(, although the other batches are doing fine so not to fear.

I also got a new sarr. from the shop in SLC for like 4 bucks, pretty good deal.
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