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Got a carnivorous plant and you don't know what it is? Ask here!

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By RoutineDisco
Posts:  13
Joined:  Fri Mar 08, 2024 3:06 am
Got this at a plant store with no ID, and it looks to be really young. Can anyone help ID? Care tips also very appreciated.
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image.jpg (2.19 MiB) Viewed 335 times
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By BumpyEvergreen
Posts:  52
Joined:  Sat Jun 23, 2018 10:52 pm
Hello, from what I can tell I would designate as N. Miranda or N. Gaya. It is of course really young so there is no definite answer but those would be my guess, the leaves resemble gaya but the pitchers tell miranda to me.

It would also help to know where you got it and your country, but it looks like a lowland hybrid to me.
By cpgrower126
Posts:  83
Joined:  Thu Apr 04, 2024 3:51 am
I agree that it could by N. 'Miranda' or N. 'St. Gaya', but it might also be N. 'Lady Luck'. It is a young plant, so it is hard to tell. Looks pretty healthy compared to the nepenthes in my local plant nursery. Good luck with that plant!
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