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By TrapsAndDews
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Joined:  Sun Nov 14, 2021 2:20 am
These are my four flytraps. They're all originally from one plant. They don't look as nice as everyone else's. I think they're either going dormant or they're unhealthy (maybe both). I only kept them outdoors for a few months (I hardened them off in September). One of them looks like it is about to die.
D6728755-F7F8-4BC5-A1E5-A971354C0A8F.jpeg (6.73 MiB) Viewed 1001 times
839D796D-3556-4136-937B-60F4DB06C82F.jpeg (6.4 MiB) Viewed 1001 times
983D3069-FC41-483D-A60F-13B30F776A9E.jpeg (6.98 MiB) Viewed 1001 times
This plant is the one that looks the worst. I had to repot it today because it got blown over by strong winds. It is actually two divisions:
DDB7DCC3-2D80-4F42-9115-F2E7F9640075.jpeg (7.48 MiB) Viewed 1001 times
If you see anything wrong with my plants or have any advice/suggestions, please tell me. I can take all the help I can get.
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By Apollyon
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Well it might be buried a little too deep, the peat looks like it's falling into the growth point on the third one. If it gets in too deep, the plant struggles to get the leaves out. 6b would definitely be dormancy weather. You'll want to watch out for it getting too cold. A lot of people in the colder climates bring them into the garage or a fridge to avoid it freezing to death. The former would be a better option. A lot of people use lights on a timer and bring it back out when it's habitable again. Dormancy is definitely a factor but from what I can see, the plants don't look unhealthy (in my opinion anyway). Keep an eye on temps and bring it in if it's being subjected to freezing temperatures. People try to aim for 40 but in the 3 days a year where my plant has been subjected to under 30, they did fine. Make sure you don't overwater them and let them do their thing. See if you can scrape off a bit of the top layer to where just the rhizome (the white part) is covered.
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By TrapsAndDews
Posts:  532
Joined:  Sun Nov 14, 2021 2:20 am
Thanks for the advice. :D I'll lower the soil level like you said. I have my plants under lights in the garage right now. My flytraps used to be unhealthy because some plants had new growth that was black, but I think they're getting better now since I haven't seen any more black growth.
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