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By FriskyBiscuit
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This is a pot I was currently looking into, it's made of resin material and painted finish (which does worry me) but wasn't sure if this was safe to use? Wanted something some cute pots for them instead of the boring plastic but can't seem to find any, so if anything will bite the bullet in regular plastic pots.
Just getting interested in Mexican Pings and have been collecting the things needed before actually purchasing any. Was wondering how many pings would be possible to fit into something of this size as well?

Sidenote: for pots with drainage is Sphagnum moss okay for lining the bottom?

If it matters I was most interested in:
Pinguicula ehlersiae "Ixmiquilpan"
Pinguicula moranensis var. alba "Molongo" x cyclosecta
Really any of the pink/purple ones haha
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