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By Panman
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This month we want to see those beautiful containers of carnage that we love so well. All pitcher producing species are fair game: nepenthes, sarracenia, cephalotus, and heliamphora. The photo can be of individual pitchers, specimen plants, or mass plantings. If it is a plant, has a pitcher, and is carnivorous, it is fair game.

Here are the submission rules:
1. It must be your own picture.
2. You can only submit one photo for this contest.
3. Pictures shared in previous contests are not eligible.
4. Minimally edited photos only. No effects, or filters. Cropping is okay.
5. The winner will be the entry with the highest number of thumbs up votes.
6. This contest is open internationally, although there will be an alternate prizes for international winners.

Up for grabs this month is a Korean Melody Shark Venus Flytrap

From The Flytrap Store:
Korean Melody Shark is a very unusual and rare Venus Flytrap. The petioles (the long part of the leaf that supports the trap) of Korean Melody Shark lack flanges, and therefore resemble jungle vines, sometimes curling around in squiggly shapes. The traps are uniquely shaped like music notes, and are colored a pleasing light tangerine color. The cilia are even unique, with a jagged sawtooth-like pattern. Overall, about as unique of a flytrap as you can find, and really out-of-this-world looking. Korean Melody Shark' is an official cultivar registered with the International Carnivorous Plant Society. It is a genetically somewhat smaller plant than the "giant" flytraps.
Thank you again to @Matt and Leah from The Flytrap Store for providing these amazing prizes.

Tubes of terror, cups of chaos, pitchers of peril, whatever you want to call them, we want to see them.
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By thepitchergrower
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@Carnies I know the prize is on your wishlist

Dang it, I don't have any pitchers growing!! Well, not yet.
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By thepitchergrower
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I don't think ya'll have ever seen this photo.

Sarracenia Alabamensis
PXL_20211208_200232280.PORTRAIT.jpg (122.69 KiB) Viewed 2010 times
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By thepitchergrower
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Word of warning/caution/advice. DON'T eat pizza or any food near your CPs. They might just decide to take a bite.
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By tib777
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my new ceph :)
4EDFF4EC-95EC-46DA-B477-C0BCE12DE73D.jpeg (1000.87 KiB) Viewed 1679 times
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