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By Intheswamp
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Bookmarked it. ;) I figure this year I might try a kiddie pool and I've got my 15-gallon trough for a mini-bog. Sometimes the carnivorous plant eyes get bigger than, well, ....they just get bigger, I guess!!! :lol:
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By DragonsEye
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Intheswamp wrote: Sun Feb 18, 2024 2:07 am
DragonsEye wrote: Sat Feb 17, 2024 4:42 pm You could also perhaps look at covering the white paint job with marine grade silicon, which would not only seal it from the water, but not pose any hazards of Chemicals leaking from the silicon into the water supply.
The trick is to find out and *know* that the paint won't off-gas or leach chemicals into the water.
If completely coated with silicon, the silicon should prevent passage of chemicals into the water.
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