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By furelite
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Panman wrote: Fri Aug 11, 2023 12:50 pm Welcome to the forum. One tendency of new flytrap owners is to move them in and out of the house to protect them or give them more light. This does more harm than good. Find a good spot outdoors to grow it, and let it grow.
I am brand new here and have been struggling with what you mentioned above. I am in Texas, and originally was going to keep my flytraps outside. It has been over 100 (up to 110) for the past several weeks/months just God awful. I read that flytraps really tolerate up to 95-100 and was terrified to leave them outside. So, they came in and are on a windowsill with supplemented lighting and they have been doing well, growing new traps and expanding. However, I am fully aware they cannot enter dormancy in an indoor situation with the temperature. So, I was planning on taking them back outside to live when our temperatures reach something that supports human and plant life and leave them there unless/until this happens next summer or if we have another snowmaggedon of -10 for a week. What are your thoughts? I want them to go dormant as I have read about the importance of this for longevity, but your response has alarmed me. Any advice is appreciated.
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By Panman
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That sounds like a good plan. Changing their location a couple of times a season will not stress them badly, and as you have found, is sometimes required.
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