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By tdubs
Hello friends,

I've been getting back into Carnivorous plants recently after several years away from the hobby. I had forgotten how fascinating these plants are, and how much I enjoy growing them. Starting small with a goof-proof N. Ventrata, a handful of pings and some drosera. I'm using a small grow tent, an LED, a T5 and some heats mats. After successfully not killing my beginner Nepenthes, I'm ready to level up to some more advanced (but still forgiving) species that would thrive in the grow tent. I'd also like to find some Neps that would enjoy the hot, humid, bug-infested Connecticut summer in the yard alongside the Ventrata, without a lot of system shock transitioning from inside to outside and vice versa.

I'm also looking to get back into VFT and Sarracenia in the springtime....and doing dormancy properly this time so they last longer than a year or two. I believe I'm in Zone 6b.

This seems to be a lively board. I'm looking forward to hanging out and learning some stuff.
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By javaliz59
Did either of you make your own mini indoor greenhouse? I'm wanting to make one myself.

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By crys331
Hi welcome, I am new to the group as well. Hoping to learn a lot and grow my collection
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