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By alecStewart1
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Hey gang,

I don't have a ton of experience with Heliamphora, but I have a little H. sarracenioides from @Camden I got a little while ago.

Currently, the guy isn't putting out as much new pitchers as it normally does, and in the sphagnum moss it's in there's a little green moss mound kind of crowding the plant. I'm going to guess this is could be sign to repot.
Now this is a little itty bitty plant, like maybe the width of a nickel. I have some Kelpak that a lot of people use as a "rooting horomone" even though it promotes growth all around.

Should I keep the little guy in a cup with some Kelpak mixture while I get the pot ready with a fresh batch of moss?

Or should I not repot at all, considering how small it is?

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