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By Ewreck
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Joined:  Sun May 09, 2021 3:05 am
I keep my plants in one of those thick white 1020 trays which are worth the money for sure. But I keep the tray full of tap water and put the plants in their own trays in the water. I use tap water since they aren’t drinking it. Now I haven’t tested the tap water because I know there is no way it is usable for the plants but it definitely catches plenty of bugs in the water. My question is can I pluck these bugs out and feed them to say the tiny little baby sundew to make sure they are all fed will the little bit of hard water on the bug affect the plant? Or if I pulled out say a fly and fed it to vft or pitcher plant?
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By optique
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I wouldn't think the water droplet on the bug would matter. All i get in my water treys are balls Japanese beetles clinging together.
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