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By Panman
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I am going to a plant show this weekend and there will be people there who aren't experienced with carnivorous plants. I am putting a link up with grow instructions. If you could review it and give me feedback, I'd appreciate it. ... p=drivesdk
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By ChefDean
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The only thing I can see is maybe adding a tidbit to the North American plants dormancy tab. Something along the lines of "If left outdoors for their dormancy, watch the weather and protect them from freeze/thaw cycles." and maybe put more emphasis/stronger suggestion to use someplace that stays cold, but more stable, and above freezing, even the coolest part of the basement.
Just my thoughts
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By Huntsmanshorn
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One very small quibble is that you should make it very, very, clear that the silica sand you mentioned needs to be silica sand or 95% of the people that use sand will just use whatever crap sand they can lay their hands on. That said, I sure that 50%+ will still use whatever crap sand they can lay their hands on.
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By MikeB
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My 2¢ worth:

1. Water
" the water needs to be very soft."
I would change "soft" to "low in minerals". Some people have whole-house water softeners, and those ion-exchange units produce soft water that will poison carnivorous plants.

3. Soil
Add "Don't use Miracle-Gro products in your carnivorous plant soil; that company sprays fertilizer on everything (see the item below)."

5. Dormancy
I would change "just keep them damp" to "keep them just damp".
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