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By MikeD
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Joined:  Wed May 31, 2023 1:19 am
I’m contemplating installing an in ground mini-bog in a sloped part of my garden which will allow for good drainage (using a pipe across to where it becomes above ground) and good water control. My plan is to use a peat/silica-sand/perlite mix. Am I right in thinking I can go several years between changing out the soil, or is something that needs to be done annually?
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By Panman
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Depending on the depth, you can go a few years. I repot my 12 inch deep container bogs every 2 years but I could probably stretch that to 4.
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By steve booth
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Joined:  Mon Jul 18, 2011 11:15 am
A lot depends on how big the bog is, the bigger the better, and when it grows its own Sphagnum it stabilises the set up somewhat, not completely, but you get more years out of it. In my bogs I don't change the media, but every 4-5 years most plants need dividing, so I dig them up add new media to the holes and dig in pine chips and a little sulphur to the surrounding substrate to 'liven' it up, give aeration and acidify the soil.

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