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By Intheswamp
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What happened between the 16th and 20th? It happened here in Post#422322. The first freeze was coming and I moved them to the old trailer under lights. The post I referenced is dated the 19th. The pictures inside the trailer for some reason don't have these sprouts in it, but looking at the two-shelf rack they ended up beneath the upper light on the right (that is turned off in the photo). It is a very bright (and warm) garage light that has three 2"x4" LED panels on it. The Florida Giant sprouts reddened up greatly in what appears...overnight!!! :shock:
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By Intheswamp
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Update on the leaf propagation of a D.filiformis tracyi x Florida Giant. Mother plant came from @elaineo. Started on August 28, 2022, so these are right at ten months old now. I feel that they would be much larger but they're still indoors under LED lights. I hope to get around to building a secure place for them soon so I can move them outdoors (protection from rodents...squirrels and chipmunks). There's also a bonus shot of some leaf propagated D. Binata multifida extrema plants from a mother plant that elaineo sent along with the filiformis hybrid. I took a single leaf from the mother, chopped it, and tossed it in the pot with the filiformis cuttings. ;) Thanks again, @elaineo (no blooms yet on the filiformis x).
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By Intheswamp
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A little update... Here are the leaf-cuttings in the long planter as they're beginning to wake up. It's been right at nineteen months since I started the leaf cuttings and they've grown well. They were started outdoors in August of 2022 and have been inside under lights since late fall of 2022. They will be outdoors this year...hopefully soon. These have formed some serious hibernacula. Here they are starting to wake up. :D
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