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By Daniel_G
ok im getting a few cobra lily seedlings from james (i think :D ) and i just wanna get some care points from this site (i dont trust other ones :lol: ) so if anyone wants to reply feel free to do so :D
By Oblivion
long sphag moss is a great medium.
i mist mine daily.

i fed one single maggot to one plant, none to the other. u can see which one got the maggot ;)
its been about 2mths since the first feed, so now i'm feeding the small one and not the tall one

in much the same way koala bear is incorrect (no relation to a bear) a cobra lilly is not actually a lilly. (cobra plant)

good luck with it, W. its up there in my top 3 fav plants. :mrgreen:
cobra fed vs not.JPG
cobra fed vs not.JPG (127.54 KiB) Viewed 2948 times
By JimsPlants
I will get some seedlings in the post to you on monday hopefully, with a little sphagnum.

You could just plant little plugs of spag with the seedlings in a peat mix, and eventually the sphagnum will spread and outgrow the little seedlings. They will probably be ok on a windowsill or under lights untill the spring and you could move them outside possibly.
By HarrisAz
chicken sauce!
i wish i can find Cobra lily's here....
By HarrisAz
emmmmmm :)
dont make me start on Chicken stew hehe...nyam!

sry sry really outta topic :oops:

EDIT:what light is suitable for Cobras besides sunlight?

sry for dont mind i drop a question here Daniel? ;)

By Daniel_G
Well my cobra's arrived today :mrgreen: (thanks james) and i've splanted them with a little plug of sphag and the rest p and p mix ill get some pictures up soon :D
By Daniel_G
Well they really are tiny,there's just one which i can get a half-decent picture of,the heads aren't formed but you can see the tubes perfect :P I've put a bluw circle round the tube
Capture.PNG (616.81 KiB) Viewed 2879 times

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