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By Eric
hey guys,
today My Brother,Derek,Carolyn,and I got a cephalotus.I just wanted to share with you guys.Pics coming soon.
By hackerberry
Wow!!!!! Congrats on the Ceph! Very nice plant...

By watnazn
Ive been debating of getting one too. Its such a slow grower though. They are so nice though. Maybe one day.
Well good luck with your plant
By Eric
Here's the link for the pics: ... userid=294
Sorry it took so long.(I got lazy)
By hackerberry
Wow Eric, is that plant ever healthy! Good get man!

By Eric
Thanks Jun. :)
By dionaea muscipula
very nice i bet that was the 50$ one oh by the way i am going 2 get a ceph 4 my b day
By afh928
gotta get me one of these! :mrgreen:

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