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By madrone
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Tried a few media in a ceph seed-sowing experiment, thought I'd share here in case folks try anything similar. Peat was boiled prior to plopping it into the containers. Containers were what I had on hand. Everything went into the fridge at the end of November, and then put on a shelf in my plant room at the end of February. Pictures taken 3/26 - one month after the end of stratification, but four months after sowing.

In order of success (pics attached of the four containers):
  • peat perlite mix
  • chopped sphag on peat perlite mix
  • chopped sphag on just perlite = fluval stratum on perlite [just one little survivor (so far) in each of these prop containers]

The 'on perlite' containers were shorter 2" rather than a 4" container, so maybe it was a humidity/moisture mess up on my part. I have had little mold spots pop up in those containers, and I tried spot-treating with isopropyl alcohol. So far the cultures haven't gotten moldier, so that seemed to have helped.

I won't say the sphag- or fluval- on perlite were fails because it could have been mold, or my sample-size of one, but if I didn't have many seeds to play with, I'd go the peat route again.

Fingers crossed they continue to survive as this is my first ever attempt. :lol:
PXL_20240326_peatperlite.jpg (3.8 MiB) Viewed 213 times
PXL_20240326_sphagonpeatperlite.jpg (2.88 MiB) Viewed 213 times
PXL_20240326_fluvalonperlite.jpg (3.07 MiB) Viewed 213 times
PXL_20240326_sphagonperlite.jpg (2.82 MiB) Viewed 213 times

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