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By Lilyofthevalley9
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Darlingtonia/Sarrecenia liquid solution/ suspension
5 parts Distilled water
2 parts fish food flakes
1 part ground eggshells (honey as a substitute for calcium but use carefully)
Mix well or inject eggshells and honey or fish food flakes as fine particles into the water. Use an eyedropper filled with mineral free water by submerging the eyedropper at least 3 inches under the water and slowly push the materials into the water and stir well afterwards. You can use a suspension agent although I do not think this is necessary.

1 part organic green or black tea powder (no calcium)
2 parts ground bloodworms or fish food flakes
5 parts distilled water
Mix well as a solution or suspension

Butterwort/Sundew slow release tablets
2 parts liquid wax or sulfur coated urea (slow release coating)
1 part alka seltzer tablets or antacid tablets (split into 4 pieces)
1 part powdered fish food/mealworm extract
Lightly dust and apply powdered fish food or mealworm extract to tablets. Coat well with liquid wax using a brush and allow to dry in a well aired environment away from excessive moisture.
Apply once every 2-4 weeks
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By roarke
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If the wax contains a artificial coloring agent, it is not good. If wax is made from fat, it is digested by drosera ?
Can you make a topic about making recipies that are hardened, to be cut with a knife ? Like chocolate is made.
You may want to keep them in the fridge, leave them outside to be at room temperature and use them on carnivorous plants.
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