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By cpgrower126
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Joined:  Thu Apr 04, 2024 3:51 am
I recently came across some nepenthes as well as some other carnivorous plants in a local nursery near my area. I purchased the healthiest one (tried to get a discount since they were in very rough shape, but was told they arrived the same day, I was very surprised, as many with no pitchers). However, I was running out of space in my indoor setup under artificial lights for the nepenthes. Would I be able to grow them outdoors? I live in California, Hardiness Zone 9b. If it helps, I believe the nepenthes is N. 'Miranda'. There was one pitcher left, with a red peristome, and the classic miranda speckles.

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By optique
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Joined:  Fri May 24, 2019 11:15 pm
If you got them locally they will be the tougher variants. They should be fine as long as the nights time temps stay above 50F. (Miranda likes a lot of shade in the heat)

I even built a shade table for mine.
By cpgrower126
Posts:  78
Joined:  Thu Apr 04, 2024 3:51 am
I’m going to move my Nepenthes outside after the temps are above 50 degrees, but I’m wondering how much humidity it will need outdoors. My other neps are on a windowsill or in a fish tank under growlights. Do I need to acclimate it to outdoors?
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