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By Bradley_D
So I figured I would make a list to keep track of what I have and what I want. There’s are so many variants out there that I keep forgetting some of my favourites which I don’t yet have but would love to have someday.
My collection began with my first Nepenthes which I bought 2nd September 2018 and since then I keep getting more every month.

Here’s my Lists:



N. Alata
N. x Bloody Mary
N. Miranda
N. Hookeriana
N. Tootles


S. x Eva
S. X Purperea Venosa
S. Unidentified (will post up soon)


D. Capensis Alba
D. Spatulata
D. Alicae
D. Pulchella
D. Scorpiodes


C. Follicularis




H. Heterodoxa x Minor


P. Moctezumae


U. Bisquamata white flower

Wish list


N. Ampullaria Lime Twist
N. Ampullaria Black Magic
N. Edwardsiana
N. Lowii
N. Macrophylla
N. Palawanensis
N. Spectabillis
N. Truncata


S. Catesbaei "heavily veined" x flava ornata "black veins"


D. Capensis Typical form
D. Capensis Red form
D. Capenses Bainskloof
D. Platypoda
D. Zonaria


P. Moranensis
P. Esseriana
P. Ehlersiae
P. Jaumavensis


U. Bisquamata purple flower
U. Sandersonii

Updates to follow. Hopefully more on the “Owned” than on the “Wish list”
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