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By power270lb
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No idea what to do because it's about to hit the ceiling. Every leaf and node is pitchering with multiple open pitchers on the bottom as basals. Never taken a nepenthes cutting before so please any detailed suggestions on where to cut and what to do after id greatly appreciate. Have heating mats, plenty of light, humidity readers as well as humidifiers it's as optimal as it can be in my plant room. Added as many pics as I could and can add more. Every node has multiple leaves forming. Ideally every cutting takes but no idea where to cut, if I should because they're pitchering and protocol after. I've read use root powder, bright indirect light, wrap in LFSM and cover in plastic for humidity. Thank you so much.
PXL_20231104_181447044.jpg (2.42 MiB) Viewed 386 times
PXL_20231104_181524641.MP.jpg (4.95 MiB) Viewed 386 times
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