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What sundews require stratification?
by MaxVft -   - in: Sundews, Rainbow Plants, and Dewy Pines
1 Replies
by optique
by MaxVft -   - in: Water Quality, Growing Media and Planting Containers
7 Replies
by CPhunter101
Making a ping rock
by Panman -   - in: Butterworts
14 Replies
by Huntsmanshorn
Found seeds
by ChefDean -   - in: Seed Bank
1 Replies
by MaxVft
How to get a Gypsicola out of dormancy?
by Cymbaline -   - in: Butterworts
3 Replies
by madrone
Utric lateriflora Seed Giveaway
by evenwind -   - in: Chit Chat
16 Replies
by DragonsEye
Ras requests Drosera Filiformis var Floridana and bonus mixed capes
by Ras -   - in: Seed Bank
0 Replies
by Ras
Size jump
by That one plant boi -   - in: Tropical Pitcher Plants
16 Replies
by That one plant boi
X0434 Si1verf1y kindly requests dionaea muscipula
by silverfly -   - in: Seed Bank
2 Replies
by ChefDean
X0436 A Fellow Scientist requests D. Capensis "Typical Form" + Bonus D. Spatulata
by A Fellow Scientist -   - in: Seed Bank
3 Replies
by ChefDean
X0412 Lyra request Drosophyllum lusitanica +Bonus Drosera Spatulata
by Lyra -   - in: Seed Bank
3 Replies
by ChefDean
X0405 Lyra request D. finlaysoliana +Bonus VFT
by Lyra -   - in: Seed Bank
3 Replies
by ChefDean
(US) Group order from Greenjaws
by wanderingkev -   - in: Group Orders
25 Replies
by wanderingkev
Carnivorous plants fluorescing under UV light
by Z_Y -   - in: All other Carnivorous Plants/General CP Discussions
7 Replies
by MaxVft
Wierd sundew growth?
by Sundew grower -   - in: Sundews, Rainbow Plants, and Dewy Pines
4 Replies
by Sundew grower
X0419 sundewd requests D. riparia and bonus D. spatulata gympi
by sundewd -   - in: Seed Bank
6 Replies
by sundewd
Utricularia dichotoma
by Dreadredhead -   - in: Photos of Other Carnivorous Plants
3 Replies
by Dreadredhead
Seeds from the FTC Seedbank that I have / have not been able to get to germinate '
by Supercazzola -   - in: Chit Chat
19 Replies
by sundewd
I have Read everything here. And tried everything.
by TaylorMade2pt0 -   - in: Venus Fly Trap Care Questions
4 Replies
by Kevonicus
Tropical Pitcher Plant has reddish top leaves with no new pitchers
by jislife -   - in: Pitcher Plants
1 Replies
by ChefDean
Greenthumbs Growlist with Log
by Dr GreenThumb -   - in: Grow Lists
15 Replies
by Dr GreenThumb
Tray watering and root rot
by Panman -   - in: Venus Fly Trap Care Questions
5 Replies
by Kevonicus
50% down payment on new FTS greenhouse sent as of this morning!!
by Matt -   - in: -- Public Discussions
51 Replies
by Dr GreenThumb
Lowes vft has small spindly roots.
by albertoburrito -   - in: Venus Fly Trap Care Questions
8 Replies
by Kevonicus
by SunDont -   - in: Chit Chat
9 Replies
by Panman
New donation
by ChefDean -   - in: Seed Bank
1 Replies
by Aquis31
How Long for Dew to Come Back after Shipping?
by felinefancier87 -   - in: Sundews, Rainbow Plants, and Dewy Pines
4 Replies
by Shadowtski
I got a gorgeous cactus
by Joshuamarshall792 -   - in: Other Non-Carnivorous Plants
0 Replies
by Joshuamarshall792
Looking for one or two with good experience with Utrics
by ChefDean -   - in: Chit Chat
0 Replies
by ChefDean
Blood worm problems
by murrkywaters -   - in: Fertilization and Feeding
5 Replies
by murrkywaters

check out they has compiled a lot […]


1020 *blue* trays (I don't understand why they're […]

Making a ping rock

Has anyone done this and combined pings with oth[…]

Found seeds

Nice!Better get some next month.

twitcher has great suggestions - those are the fir[…]

Utric lateriflora Seed Giveaway

congrats and happy growing!

Size jump

@That one plant boi , I am about to place my tr[…]

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