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Post here to sell, trade or list your wants if you live in the US

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By Carnilvr79
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Last Updated: 8/30/2014

1) Aristolochioides (Soon)
2) Bicalcarta (Soon)
3) Burbidgeae
4) Clipeata
5) Edwardsiana (Seed-Grown)
6) Jamban (Soon)
7) Khasiana
8) Klossii
9) Lowii
10) Rajah (Soon)
11) Rigidifolia
12) Villosa (Seed-Grown) Ty or Kinabalu

1) Ehlersiae
2) Florian
3) Jaumavensis
4) Moctezumae
5) Pirouette

Or anything else weird and/or beautiful!
- Any and ALL SEEDS, LOTS AND LOTS OF SEEDS! Like, 1,000 seeds for $40 kind of deals. And not 2-3 year old seeds - COME ON! LoL! ???

- Any

- Anything that doesn't look like nor resemble the spathulata or capensis!
- Anything fuzzy

- Anything Species, or really cool hybrids: I like big, curved, and red hoods. I also like anything funky or special looking.

NON-Carnivorous From Malaysia:

Lichen: Usnea

Schima Brevifolia

Rhododendron, Point Endemic:
1) Lowii (Dominant)
2) Ericoides
3) Retivenium

Dacrydium gibbsiae
Leptospermum recurvum
Haviland Oak (Lithocarpus Havilandii)
Celery Pine (Phyllocladus Hypophyllus)

1) Paphiopedilum rothschildianum
2) Eria Grandis
3) Paphiopedilum stonei

1) Shorea monticola

Endemic to Malaysia 2000m above:
o Ericaceae,
o Myrtaceae,
o Fagaceae,
o Lauraceae,
o Magnoliaceae,
o Rhododendron,
o Lithocarpus,
o Magnolia, and
o Rhamnus.
o Fig

Bornean gymnosperms:
o Podocarpus,
o Agathis, and
o Phyllocladus.

o Shorea monticola

Tree Ferns Endemic to Malaysia 2000m above

Climbing Bamboo:
Bambusa Gibbsaii

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By katya_dog1
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Nice list. (Any and ALL SEEDS, LOTS AND LOTS OF SEEDS! ) :) Me too!
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