My first FlytrapCare/Store post

Hi there fellow Flytrappers! I work with Venus Flytraps all day (the best ones, FlytrapStore’s, natch), and Matt thought I should write a bit each day or so about my thoughts/feelings working with these awesome miracles of nature. I’d love to hear your thoughts/feelings, too!

So, today I was working on sending on some orders for the 25 baby Flytraps product, which we generally only do in the winter because it takes forever to do just one order. And, wow, are you also just so amazed by the size of the rhizome under the tiny traps of a dormant Flytrap? I don’t think I’ll ever get over it. As I start to unpot, my hands start to feel the size of the rhizome, and then I see the monster “bulb”, and I can’t even believe it belongs to what was showing on top of the growing medium.

I have to say, as a psychologist and a Flytrap-ologist, it really does remind me of the Freudian conscious/subconscious iceberg analogy, where so much of who we are is hidden underground and not for others (or sometimes even our own selves!) to see. It’s pretty cool. That there could be so much to a plant, to a person, that you can’t see, is fascinating and wonderful.

So I think we should all remember that when working with plants and people, there’s a lot to each person, and sometimes it’s underground for a reason (dormancy, etc.) so just be patient and nurturing. It works for Flytraps anyway!

(Also, a nice expert re-pot will work miracles for a Venus Flytrap – it’s incredible…sometimes I think they would like a re-pot once every 3 months, they do so well afterwards).

Until next time, keep on ‘trappin’. 🙂