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By Greenleaf_999
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I went to the hospital over the weekend got discharged Monday morning, maid decided to knock down my entire setup I had for plants just because I didn’t pay up in time. The maid isn’t going anywhere because I’m in such a small area and that’s probably going to be the only best company there is for a low price. But anyways, my fly trap was unpotted for some weird reason, lights were taken down some plants were uprooted and most were dead, seedlings were untouched. I left clear instructions, they don’t change, but I moved into the garage, it’s an insulated garage, and I don’t mind being partially outdoors. I had to scramble around in my plant equipment and get another pot, a 3 inch nursery pot is all I had. the rhizome looked great, had some nice new roots, along with a creamy white rhizome. The plant is looking great along with the new growth coming in all rosetted and deep red, it is red for a Lowes box store fly trap. The plant is still using the same lighting and it goes off at 12 and on at 6. For some reason the manual timer I have it on turned off at exactly 12 am, that’s a rare sight, I guess I adjusted it perfectly.

Here are the picturesImage


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