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By w03
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Grow List
UPDATE: Lots of changes. Lost a lot of stuff, got some interesting things.
Axed the old bracket system of listing, just made it more confusing.

South American / Highland
D. arenicola - Akopan Tepui, Chimanta Massif, Venezuela
D. camporupestris - Serra do Cipo, Minas Gerais, Brazil
D. communis - Jalapao, Brazil
D. communis - Kavac, Venezuela
D. esmeraldae
D. graomogolensis - Itacambira, Minas Gerais, Brazil
D. hirticalyx - Cerro Marahuaca (type location?)
D. kaieteurensis - Chimanta Tepui
D. latifolia - Bandeira Peak
D. magnifica - Pico Padre Angelo, Brazil
D. roraimae
D. schwackei - Chapada Diamantina, Minas Gerais, Brazil
D. solaris - Maringma Tepui, Pakaraima Mtns. (seedling)
D. tomentosa - Morro de Jambeiro, Grao Mogol, Minas Gerais, Brazil
D. villosa - type location at Serra de Ibitipoca, Minas Gerais, Brazil
D. viridis - Serra de Ponta Grossa, Parana, Brazil

South African
D. admirabilis
D. affinis
D. aliciae
D. capensis "Albino"
D. natalensis - Chimanimani Mtns.
D. glabripes - "Giant"
D. rubrifolia
D. trinervia (formerly D. afra)

D. binata var. dichotoma "Giant"
D. binata var. multifida f. extrema
"D. capillaris" - Long Arms, West Palm Beach, FL
D. fulva - east of Girrawen Lagoon, N.T.
D. lanata - Flying Fox Creek, N.T.
D. neocaledonica
D. petiolaris
D. prolifera
D. spatulata
D. x tokaiensis

G. africana - Chiango, Angola (probably dead)
G. africana - true, Kapiri Mposhi, Zambia, 1500m
G. glandulosissima - north of Kasama, Zambia
G. hispidula - Lentibu, Zimbabwe
G. margaretae - Comuna Calucinga, Angola
"G. subglabra" (doubt the BCP ID - looks to me like G. nigrocaulis)
G. subglabra (true)

South American
G. aurea var. aurea - Caparao, MG, Brazil
G. aurea ? - (arrived mislabeled as "G. margaretae, Madagascar", possibly some form of aurea var. aurea)
G. aurea var. minor - Chapada dos Guimaraes, southern Mato Grosso, Brazil
G. aurea var. minor - Itacambira, Brazil
G. exhibitionista - Cachoeira da Fumaca, Brazil
G. filiformis (apparently actually G. filiformis!)
G. flexuosa - Furnas
G. lobata - Espirito Santo, MG, Brazil
G. metallica - Itacambira, MG, Brazil
G. nebulicola
G. nigrocaulis - Duida
G. oligophylla
G. pulchella - Gran Sabana
G. repens - Cerro Neblina
"G. roraimensis" (I don't trust BCP roraimensis, it looks too much like repens)
G. roraimensis - Mt. Roraima
G. uncinata
G. violacea - Couto de Magalhaes, Minas Gerais, Brazil
"G. violacea" - Serra da Caraca, Minas Gerais, Brazil (BCP probably misID'd this - looks like a hybrid, possibly between lobata and true violacea)

H. chimantensis
H. exappendiculata
H. heterodoxa

P. acuminata
P. agnata
P. calderoniae, Llano de Conecho, San Luis Potosi, Mexico
P. colimensis
P. crassifolia
P. emarginata
P. gigantea
P. gypsicola - Buena Vista, San Luis Potosi, Mexico
P. hemiepiphytica - near Ixtlan de Juarez, Oaxaca, Mexico, 2209-2535m
P. heterophylla - white flw.
P. moctezumae
P. moranensis
P. orchidioides
P. parvifolia
P. rectifolia
P. rotundiflora

P. primuliflora

S. debile

Sect. Orchidioides / Epiphytic
U. alpina 'Pittier Moon'
U. alpina - Henri Pittier NP
U. alpina (typical)
U. asplundii
U. endresii
U. humboldtii (typical)
U. humboldtii - broad leaves, Cerro Neblina
U. jamesoniana - Canyon del Diablo
U. mannii, Mt. Cameroon, Cameroon
U. nephrophylla - pink flower
U. praetermissa
U. reniformis - Large form - is this perhaps U. cornigera ?

U. adpressa
"U. aff. reticulata" - Liberec Bot. Garden, Czech Rep. (BCP ID is doubtful, possibly a graminifolia form)
U. amethystina - pink flower
U. appendiculata - Swaziland, Africa
U. aureomaculata - Murosipan Tepui
U. beaugleholei (seedlings)
U. biloba
U. blanchetii - pink flower
U. caerulea - Borneo, Malaysia
U. calycifida - 'Lavinia Whateley'
U. dichotoma - Beernak, Victoria (=CK "tuber forming from Beernak", but no dichotoma from that location are actually tuberous)
U. erectiflora - Florianopolis, Brazil
U. flaccida
U. fulva
U. hirta
U. hispida - Gran Sabana under Akopan Tepui, Venezuela
U. involvens - Gunung Jerai, Malaysia, above 650 m
U. lateriflora - Rainbow Beach, Queensland, AU
U. laxa
U. livida - 'Merrie Heart'
U. longeciliata
U. longifolia
U. microcalyx
U. minutissima - Gunung Tahan, Pahang, Malaysia
U. nana - clone I, green leaves, Gran Sabana
U. praelonga
U. prehensilis
U. pubescens - Ilu Tepui
U. pusilla
U. resupinata - Nicaragua
U. rostrata - Chapada Diamantina, Brazil
U. simplex - Karridale, WA
U. spec. Kerala - India
U. subulata
U. tricolor
U. tridentata
U. triloba - St. Elena
U. uliginosa - Bako, Sarawak, Borneo
U. uniflora

Attempting Seed
P. filifolia
U. leptoplectra
U. limosa

Want List

Holy Grail Level
G. guianensis
U. garrettii and other sect. Phyllaria Utrics
U. uxoris
U. huntii
U. schultesii
U. panamensis
D. quartzicola
U. unifolia
U. delphinioides
D. amazonica

U. simulans
U. laciniata
U. simmonsii
D. hirtella var. lutescens
D. chrysolepis
D. camporupestris from different locales
D. cayennensis
D. communis from different locales
other South American Drosera
U. nervosa
G. aurea from different locales
P. filifolia
any Byblis
D. alba
D. cuneifolia
H. collina
H. chimantensis
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By w03
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Updated with new plants and (pending) plants available for trade.

Note: D. kaieteurensis, U. reniformis and G. hispidula divisions are really tiny, and I am waiting for them to grow out.

EDIT: My P. lusitanica sprouted! :D
By iamjacksplants
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Quite the Utricularia and Ginlisea list you got there!

You got any pictures? Much of these I've never even heard of, I'd love to see what they look like.

By w03
Posts:  393
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A lot of the Genlisea were received as really tiny pieces so they're not much to look at. The Utrics grew much faster but mostly look like grass lol :p

"G. filiformis" (this is probably something like G. pygmaea in actuality) just sent up a flower stalk, so I'll definitely be posting pics of that once it opens.
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By iamjacksplants
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Joined:  Tue Aug 11, 2015 11:13 am
Cool! Really looking forward to it. I love Cephalotus and Nepenthes now, but my first fascination was with Utricularia and Ginlisea.

Maybe we can work out some kind of a trade once you've got some divisions of these guys ready.? ;)

Happy growing!
By w03
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Joined:  Tue Jul 15, 2014 12:46 am
It kinda just melted one day. I bring my plants back and forth between home and university so it might have gotten beat up in transit. Most of the plants on the dead list probably died from that, now that I think of it. Hoping I can pick another one up next year, along with another shot at G. aurea.

I've killed U. bisquamata like 3 or 4 times now though without too much disturbance and in conditions with which it should do well... which is weird since I have no trouble growing way more difficult utrics like U. praetermissa.
By w03
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Updated 10/7/16
Lots of new Utrics! Also like my 3rd time killing D. spiralis lol. I don't really get why I can't grow this plant, seems to die really easily to crown rot in my conditions. Though the recent ones were a sorta weird form from Botumirim, so maybe they wanted different conditions than the usual spiralis.

I'm still a bit salty over my family throwing out that box of plants by accident... I lost my big flowering clump of G. hispidula... :cry:

By the way, does anyone know how to change thread titles? This one is a relic of a few years past and it seems kinda snarky and condescending now...
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By cjpflaumer
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w03 wrote:By the way, does anyone know how to change thread titles? This one is a relic of a few years past and it seems kinda snarky and condescending now...
You should be able to go to your original post and edit it. That's what I did with my growlist. Although you may need to be on a computer not tapatalk.

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By Deftinwolf
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Heya, do you have a list of what utrics you might have extra of for sale or trade? I'm trying to amass a collection and you really do have a buttload.
By w03
Posts:  393
Joined:  Tue Jul 15, 2014 12:46 am
Most are kind of new and I'm not particularly focused on propagating them right now.
I will likely have D. riparia and D. arenicola available in the future, as well as G. glandulosissima from both localities, and G. violacea from Couto de Magalhaes since cuttings are striking well. There's also some D. viridis - I'm planning on saving most for the SDCPS sale and show but there will probably be some extra.

However, many of the utrics are growing fairly fast so I can try to make some offsets or cuttings. Let me know what you're interested in and I might be able to propagate some for you. If you want to trade in the future I'm most interested in D. villosa, any of the Genlisea not on my list, and D. hirtella.
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