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By xr280xr
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I know late but my 2 cents worth: don't mist it. They do appreciate higher humidity but don't require it. Misting is asking fungal problems. It looks like a pretty small pot so if you're refilling the tray as soon as it dries out, your media still stays wet and never gets the chance to breath. Letting the media begin to dry before watering might help.
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By rwharold
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Good tip, although a little late. I had been misting it twice a day like all my other CPs with a little water in the tray that I let dry our before refilling. I can only hope that I haven't caused any harm.
By Madness3D
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Joined:  Wed Jul 29, 2020 6:09 pm
I’ve only been growing 2 small clones for a week now. Happy to see the second pitcher opened up today. It has eaten a fungus gnat.

I took away the moss the previous grower had on it and replaced it with sand and aquarium pebbles. I read some growers do this to help prevent excessive moisture to the crown.

I also put them into big plastic Dixie cups with a small hole about a half way up, filled just above the hole with perlite. “Hempy Bucket” style SIP, self irrigating planter. I figure by having the water tray inside the planter there is hopefully more access for crawling bugs to get in there. Though now I gotta put some big tree branch in my grow room that reaches from the ground up and into the small terrarium through the top opening, as I doubt a lot of bugs can climb the acrylic walls of the terrarium.

I’m watering my Cephs once every 3-4 days top watered around the edges of the cups with RO water.

Humidity is about 50%, 72-80F during the day. 70F at night. 14hrs of light with 2 cool white and 1 warm white household LED lights with the plastic bulbs cut off.

Fed them a couple frozen bloodworms today. First time feeding, I’ve noticed a lot of fungus gnats inside the pitchers.

Anyhow, seem to be growing great so far. I will update later in a few months as some of my methods may be more experimental.
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I added a small amount of RO water to the second pitcher, that’s why it got a bit wet. They were in a dryer environment before I put them into the terrarium.

I’ve noticed after adding a bit of water the pitcher lid opened way up on the first pitcher. Haven’t read this anywhere but my thought is that the pitcher lids also function as humidity flaps to control the rate of evaporation of pitcher fluids.

By Madness3D
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Joined:  Wed Jul 29, 2020 6:09 pm
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My acrylic terrarium has a small drainage hole drilled in a few inches from the bottom, filled over with hydroton pebbles. The runoff from watering the plants fills keeps this res topped off, how my terrarium is staying humid.
By Madness3D
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Joined:  Wed Jul 29, 2020 6:09 pm
Oh yeah, and about having my water tray inside the grow container, I lift it and tilt it a bit everyday to see if any runs out. When none does then I water it.

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