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Post here to sell, trade or list your wants if you live in the US

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By limeslide
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Hello! I just cut a few leaves of my D. capensis red and noticed I don't want more Red Cape Dews :lol: , so I decided I'd put them up for trade for something equally as valuable. I already have D. adelae, D. burmannii, and D. spatulata so you know that I already have those. I'm not sure on plant values so I'll just say anything Tropical-Subtropical is what I can keep. Even other D. capensis varieties besides 'Wide Leaf' and 'Typical' are acceptable. I do not have aliciae, so if you have some and you want to trade that would be great. D. tokaiensis would be cool, too. This is the mother plant, very vigorous.
The leaves will be enveloped in a moist tissue in a taped zip-lock bag surrounded by packing peanuts sourrounded by two Express Pad Pacs, sent in Priority shipping. :) I will send 6 leaves or varying sizes.
Thanks for your patience!
By the way, If you want to add red capensis to your collection, this is the time to do it. :)

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