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By mo_carnivore
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It took a while, but here's the gemmae list I promised several people a few weeks (maybe months :oops: ) ago. For some reason all my plants took their time producing gemmae this year. And I didn't harvest for weeks. But let's not talk about that...

Some of the gemmae might be nearing the end of their viability. Because of this I will send extras. The number of gemmae you receive will indicate the rough number that I expect to germinate from the gemmae I send you, NOT the total number of gemmae you will get with each order.

PayPal Friends & Family preferred. Your order will be sent in a padded envelope. Shipping is $2.00 tacked onto the entire order, regardless of size. All orders will be shipped out the Monday after I receive the order. PM with your order.

$5.00 per pack of gemmae. You will get 10-15 viable gemmae per pack unless noted otherwise.

I will be regularly updating this thread with stock changes and pictures (hopefully).

D. hyperostigma
D. roseana
D. callistos (Brookton)
D. trichocaulis
D. oreopodion
D. helodes
D. parvula
D. lasiantha (5-10 viable gemmae)
D. stelliflora (5-10 viable gemmae)
D. sewelliae (5-10 viable gemmae)
D. sargentii
D. patens
D. pulchella "Orange Flower"
D. platystigma (5-10 viable gemmae)
D. 'Dork's Pink"
D. verrucata (5-10 viable gemmae)
D. enodes
D. pygmaea (Mt. Lofty)
D. scorpioides (5-10 viable gemmae)
D. allantostigma


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By Jeeper
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I'll hit you up in chat...
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