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By cbennett4041
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For sale: divisions of Heliamphora heterodoxa x nutans. These divisions have been rooting in their new pots for a month or two now and are putting up new adult pitchers (except for the one making juvenile traps as shown below, plant number 6). This is a nice hybrid that gains good height in my experience. These have been bagged but slowly acclimatizing for the last few weeks under lights; I would be wary of throwing them in a window sill or outside if I were you, though I am sure they could be gradually acclimated no problem. They have been a touch crowded and aren't as colorful as they would be under more direct light, though this clone does maintain a lot of green coloration even in bright light. Again, this will surely vary with your conditions as with any Heli.


Plant 1: **** SOLD*** $40

Plant 2: *** SOLD *** $40

Plant 3: ***SOLD*** $35... there are actually two smaller divisions potted together in this pot

Plant 4: ***SOLD*** $30

Plant 5:***SOLD***$20

Plant 6:***SOLD***$15

Add shipping cost to the total. For plants 1-3 add $10 and 4-6 add $7. Combined shipping cost is of course offered, and all plants will be shipped potted unless you really want bareroot to save on shipping (I wouldn't recommend it).
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