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By tracieh
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I have a small pot of drosera seedlings that recently all died. I didn't think much of it- just chalked it up to that's how it goes sometimes. I finally got around to removing their pot of lfs and noticed tiny black bugs in it. I tossed it and didn't give it a second thought. Today I found some of these tiny black bugs in the lfs of a fly trap. There was only 1 or 2 on the fly trap itself that I could see. I moved it far far away from my other plants and gave it a spray of Garden Safe 3 in 1. I cannot get a good picture of these bugs. My flap trap seems unharmed. It's currently flowering and the insides of the traps are still a bright pink with no deformities that I noticed. The only real pest I have had to deal with is fungus gnats and their larvae so I feel out of my depth here. I am going to try more to get a picture of them today. I read if they are aphids that I should submerge the plant 24 hours and might just end of doing this anyways? Thoughts? Suggestions?
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