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By spector
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I have acquired one, and there is almost no information on-line regarding how best to care for it. I have a number of very happy Tillandsia, so I am tempted to treat it to the same care that they receive, but it came in a pot of sphagnum moss, so I am a little concerned about changing its environment so drastically.

My Tillandsia, btw, get a deep soaking in regular water twice-weekly. Once per week, the water has very (VERY) dilute all-purpose fertilizer in it. Then they are placed on wire stands (for air circulation) in a sunny garden window (east facing), where they are automatically misted by distilled water (because they share the window with some carnivorous plants) five times per day, for an hour each time. They seem pretty happy with this system (visible growth, lots of new air roots, and a couple of pups).
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