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By Fishkeeper
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Got a batch of CPs for Christmas, and everything looks really happy with the conditions.

The racks are temporary, I'm going to be building a small cabinet/table to house them on.

Top rack, left to right:
D. Spatulata and some kind of tiny grass that was in the bladderwort, both in about a half inch of water
Teacup full of U. Sandersonii
Bowl full of U. Longifolia
U. Sandersonii in a wine glass
Tiny D. Capensis in a wine glass
D. Capensis tray with chunks of apple to attract gnats

Bottom rack:
"Don't water us ever" pot with split rock plant and six little Lithops plants.
"We don't mind water and keep the spray for the pitchers off the living rocks" tray with Peperomia ferreyrae, a neat little succulent with clear windows all along the tops of its leaves, and a Christmas cactus.
Nep tray- bottom is eggcrate with a little bit of stuff under it to prop it up so the water can circulate, then the nep pots and live sphagnum on top of that. Thanks to the eggcrate, the water comes only about a mm up the bottom of the pots, but the moss can soak up at least a cm of water and stay nice and wet.
And a mini phal orchid mounted upside-down on a stick so water can't collect in its leaves. This was a semi-emergency mount, the orchid was staying far too wet in the terrarium I had it in.

My three adult D. Capensis have been dewing up over the past couple of days, or at least their new leaves have. They were in death cubes, though the cubes did have accurate, if skimpy, care instructions saying to give them bugs rather than hamburger meat and distilled water rather than tap water. Probably as a result of being shipped and rattled around in cubes, their leaves are mostly all beaten up and haven't dewed. The leaves that have unfolded since I got them out of the cubes, though, have started to get sticky over the past few days and finally have visible dew. I'll see if I can find a camera that can get decent pics.
They're in 4" tall pots in a tray that has about 3/4" of water in it, and I think the change that did it for them was me moving the heater away. I'd been trying to keep them relatively warm, which is tricky because of the window right next to them, but they didn't seem to like that very much. Apparently cold and humid is better than warm and dry.
I know they still have some dead leaf bits on them, but I didn't want to upset them by cutting into stuff. I'll wait until the leaves just fall off.

My N. Sanguina lost a couple of pitchers and pitcher buds, unsurprisingly, but one hung onto one pitcher and they all have a bunch of buds going. The one intact pitcher caught some gnats yesterday, which is cool. And I found a baby hiding under one of the adults! It's growing new pitchers, too. I thought about trying to transplant it out so it'll have more room, but I'm not sure what to pot them in. Could I put the baby in live sphagnum moss once the moss I have grows out a bit and I have extra?

The U. Longifolia was NOT happy about being kept in front of a north-facing window, but it's growing a bunch of teeny new leaves.

D. Spatulatas are dewing more slowly, but they seem happy. I thought about splitting them up to get the moss out, but I think digging them out like that would upset them more than the slow-growing moss. It doesn't seem to be overgrowing them at all. Or growing, period.

Any tips or anything I might have missed?

I think I see mine in there :D .

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