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By Dematerialize
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plantaddict2588 wrote:I'm in Phoenix, it's too dry to put any of these outside anytime of the year. I have a bigger tank I'm going to move everything to then i was thinking of using the smaller tank for the dormant plants.
Many people grow these in the desert. You just need to provide enough water under it in a tray to maintain the media moist at all times or find a spot where they won't get beat up at the hottest part of the day. You could even make a small greenhouse or buy one, although they should be okay. Some just use plastic tarps that block sunlight a bit and make it less intense in cases like these. It's hard to keep them very healthy indoors since they need full sunlight.
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By Matt
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plantaddict2588 wrote:I'm in Phoenix, it's too dry to put any of these outside anytime of the year.
As Dematerialize already mentioned, there have been many people over the years this forum has existed who have grown flytraps outdoors in Phoenix and other parts of southern Arizona. They don't need high humidity levels to do well as long as the soil stays damp.
By Dematerialize
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They can be ok with it but there is no way one T5 will fully meet the requirements for full health (direct sunlight for most of the day), same with sarracenia. They might seem "happy" but you'd have to compare it to the results of outdoor growing to have a good idea
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By plantaddict2588
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Should i get another t5? Would that be sufficient for all 6? Like i said, I'm in the process of setting up another tank. I was planning on getting 2 lights for that one because it's a bit bigger, and i plan on filling it with CPs :D
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By nimbulan
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I use a 2-tube T5HO fixture for my indoor plants. It's only about 6 inches above the top of the pots and I have some of the smaller plants raised higher. I still feel like they could use more light but they look healthy at that level.

The main reason I expressed concern over light levels is the lack of coloration in the plants. All of the plants should have some red coloration with high enough light levels unless you bought anthocyanin-free varieties. The wide petioles on the flytraps is also a common sign of lack of light, though it is also a distinguishing characteristic of some varieties. That said, the tropical pitcher plant is likely happy how it is right now. They prefer less light than most carnivorous plants.
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