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By DRubs20
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My nepenthes leaves are turning yellow and getting these soft brown spots. They’ve gone from mild yellowing to this bad in about a week. I treated them with Jack’s dead bug last Saturday because I had noticed some thrips damage, but now I’m afraid of additional treatments. They’ve also been treated with neem oil every 3 or so days for the last 10 days. I’m wondering if what I’m dealing with now is potentially fungal? Do I need to flush out the plants better, could that be causing this? I have a fan going to help air circulation, and humidity sits around 60-70% in here. Temp is around 70-75 degrees F. Lights are LED and are on 16 hours. They’ve been in this environment for a month and only started showing such bad signs in the last week and a half. The top layer of sphagnum moss tends to get dry, but the part that encases the plants roots is still fairly moist when i check. I mist leaves lightly at least once a day.

The soil is from my sundews that are in the same vicinity as the nepenthes le
I’m just concerned about the brown spots because they’re not crispy leaves, they’re fairly soft. They’re also taking very quickly and killing my young plant’s leaves :(

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