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Pitcher Plants
Discuss Sarracenia, Heliamphora, Darlingtonia, Cephalotus plant care here
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Re: Mail Order Sarracenia
by MikeB
Tropical Pitcher Plants
Discuss Nepenthes plant care here
2880 Topics 
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Re: Peristome split?
by CPhunter101
Sundews, Rainbow Plants, and Dewy Pines
Discuss Drosera, Byblis, and Drosophyllum plant care here
3591 Topics 
27276 Posts
Re: My Propagation
by Sarracenia2004
Discuss Pinguicula care here
805 Topics 
6463 Posts
Re: Back from the dead
by CPhunter101
All other Carnivorous Plants/General CP Discussions
Discuss any carnivorous plant that doesn't fit in the above categories here or general chat about carnivorous plants
1181 Topics 
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Re: Archangel vft
by Savethetrees4life
CP identification Forum
Got a carnivorous plant and you don't know what it is? Ask here!
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Re: Received order with this …
by Savethetrees4life
Care guides and tutorials
Post any care guides or tutorials here.
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Re: A Christmas present for m…
by Matt

That's a huge purp! :shock: Do you think that pu[…]

Did the seedling survive?? Why wouldn't it? It'[…]

Peristome split?

Why does the peristome have 2 splits in it? I did[…]

Updated availability.

Why is my moss small and thin?

I agree with Max, give it some more time and it wi[…]

Hi from the Philippines

Thanks for the welcome!

Transactions with elaineo

Recently did a trade with elaineo and I am very ha[…]

Water Distiller

Keep this fact in mind: with an RO filter system, […]

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