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By ChefDean
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Good afternoon friends. Since the last one didn't get much traction, I've amended it.
I've been cutting stalks left, right, downside-up, and cattywampus, and I have no more room to stick stalks, they've all been stuck. Many of us know that stalk sticking is a good way to strike new plants that grow much more quickly than those from seed. While my plants can handle flowering, I don't want to deal with too many seeds, so let's spread the love. At last count, I have at least a dozen stalks from at least ten different plants (Trevs Dracula, FTS purple Ambush, FTS Flaming Lips, FTS Towering Giant to name a few), but also a green typical and a red typical. If more are found, well, we'll cross that bridge if it comes.
I'm thinking that three people getting four stalks each would be cool, but that's my opinion. Sooo...
Open to all members.
US addresses only unfortunately.
Three winners.
Chef's choice on which stalks go where.
Winner pays shipping (~$10).
Standard format (because I'm boring)
1. Freddy Mercury 🎶"Mommaaaa, oo-oo-oo-oo" 🎶
2. Baby Sinclair "Not the Momma!"
3. Kinda ruined my "No three!" by saying there'll be three winners. Three is allowed just this once, don't abuse the privilege.
Drawing in a few days to try and get them out by next weekend.
Aaaaand go!
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