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By dave470
Hi All,

So I have a young flytrap that I have slowly acclimated to the outside environment in my area. I now keep the flytrap outside all the time. However, recently one of the traps caught a daddy long legs spider, and due to its long leg size, the spider's body is near the very edge of the trap, which will not allow the trap to make a proper seal. In cases where the insect size is too big, should I pull out the insect from the trap to prevent the trap from dieing or just let the situation run its course?

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By Matt
I usually just let things happen. The trap will often blacken, but the plant will still get good nutrition from the catch before the trap completely dies.
By AngiH
There is most of the info I was looking for. Just leave the over sized meal in there. Thank you. Will they all ways turn black after eating??? Even the ones who have smaller sized prey in them are dying. It is a healthy plant I have new growth popping up?
By jackjeckel
Most of the spiders I come across are daddy long legs: lots of leg not a lot of spider meat.

I try to grab them from the web or worse case scenario swat them and then pull the legs off and manually feed the body to trap.

In the wild you can't do it that way.
By nycredneck
Ive done that with daddy long legs.Good nutrition from spiders that eat other critters.I catch one then pull the legs off and feed them to the traps.

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