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By andynorth
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The pic shows all my drosera and a few Bohemian Garnet VFT's. They have all enjoyed the comfy of my indoor greenhouse since I got them last summer/fall. For the most part they seem to be pretty healthy, red and green coloring, etc. I will be potting them all up together in larger pots once I figure out which ones to use. I live in the PNW and I do not want to put them out too soon and scare the crap out of them so they die or go in to such a deep shock that it takes all summer to recover. I am wondering, on average, what temp should I wait for outdoors before I submit them to the grueling life that they are supposed to be undertaking? I understand different species have different requirements but I am just looking for an average, not an exact temp.
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By Panman
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I think that one it stays above 50 you would be fine. As the light is increasing a brief drop in temperature will not adversely affect them.
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