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Discuss water requirements, "soil" (growing media) and suitable planting containers

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By albertoburrito
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Joined:  Tue Apr 13, 2021 2:34 am
I bought a pack of pure sphagnum moss, but for some reason it has a smell. It isn't a rotting one, it is almost fragrant. It is a mix of the normal tan colored sphagnum and red sphagnum. Is the smell coming from the red sphagnum?
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By CPhunter101
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Joined:  Thu Feb 11, 2021 9:30 pm
I just took a sniff of my (green) live and dead sphagnum to answer this question.
Yes, the live sphagnum definitely has a different smell.
I do have red sphagnum, but it smells like a forest with all the debris in it.

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