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By El Trap-o
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Joined:  Sat Dec 26, 2020 6:10 pm
Hey everyone, very glad to be posting here!

After seeing a pretty sad looking VFT at Lowe's languishing I decided I'd take up keeping and growing Dionaea, about two months later and I have over twenty different named cultivars, it's like an addiction I swear haha!

I just thought I would list my collection as of 1/20/21, if that's okay. :D

Dionaea M. 'Akai Ryu'
Dionaea M. 'Alien'
Dionaea M. 'Angel Wings'
Dionaea M. 'B-52'
Dionaea M. 'Bohemian Garnet'
Dionaea M. 'Crocodile'
Dionaea M. 'DC XL'
Dionaea M. 'Fine Tooth x Red'
Dionaea M. 'FTS Maroon Monster'
Dionaea M. 'FTS Purple Ambush'
Dionaea M. 'FTS Seed-grown'
Dionaea M. 'G16'
Dionaea M. 'Jaws'
Dionaea M. 'Jaws x Petite Dragon
Dionaea M. 'King Henry'
Dionaea M. 'Korean Melody Shark'
Dionaea M. 'Long Red Fingers'
Dionaea M. 'Mirror'
Dionaea M. 'Mystery Plant'
Dionaea M. 'Pinnacle'
Dionaea M. 'Robust 2'
Dionaea M. 'Sawtooth'
Dionaea M. 'Schuppenstiel I'
Dionaea M. 'SD Kronos'
Dionaea M. 'Trichterfalle'
Dionaea M. 'Typical'
Dionaea M. 'Wally'

Other CPs: Nepenthes Alata and a few Capensis!

..I might have a problem, lol. :mrgreen:
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By Apollyon
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Welcome to the support group. You fell down the rabbit hole like so many before you. Breaking into other CPs was a misstep though; there's no going back now lol.

Awesome collection of flytraps, I'm a little jealous.
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