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By McCWells
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Hi! I am running a science experiment on 4 D. Capensis , and wanted to run through my idea and the equipment needed with people more knowledgeable in the field than me. All tips are welcome.
I plan to put four Carnivorous Plant Nursery D. Capensis on a shelf, two on one side and two on the other, with a sizable gap in between. I plan to put a singular Lance Duo ( in between them, with one head pointed at one side and the other towards the other side. I then plan to administer probiotics to two of the plants on one side, then monitor the humidity and water at a constant rate for around two weeks. I then plan to compare the rhizomes and height of both groups of plants to determine if probiotics have the same effect on the root microbiome as the human microbiome. Thank you! :mrgreen:
Sorry for posting about this experiment repeatedly and redundantly, just want to be sure, thanks!
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By Panman
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A couple of things. Most plants, and especially D. capensis tend to pout for at least a month after they are moved to their permanent location. A test over two weeks will likely not see any growth, much less a difference because of conditions. Also, capensis does not for a rhizome. It has thicker roots that you could measure. Again, you aren't likely to see any growth over two weeks, especially if you received the plants bare rooted. If you receive them potted, then you won't have a baseline to compare them to. On a personal recommendation, I would source the plants from someplace other than CPN.
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