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Discuss water requirements, "soil" (growing media) and suitable planting containers

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By Gary
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Hi all. I'm getting ready for dividing/repotting this Spring and wondering if using city water for rinsing the old grow media from the roots would have a detrimental effect. The TDS here is ~140, but the exposure would be very minimal. Using Zero Water and a small tub is really time-consuming and I'm always afraid of damaging the roots, especially on the VFTs. Anyone have some experience with this method? TIA
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By Panman
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You should be fine rinsing with that water as long as you follow up with a ZeroWater rinse. I'd use 3 buckets, two with tap water and 1 with ZeroWater. Do a rough rinse in the first bucket, more thorough in the second, and when it is clean rinse it with ZeroWater.

As far a damaging roots, I really don't worry about that with Sarrs and flytraps. I pull it from the pot, knock off what loose dirt will come off and then swirl it around in a bucket to get the rest. I may or may not pick out the remaining moss, etc. from around the roots. Just be sure that once you expose the roots, you don't leave them exposed to sunlight for an extended period of time.
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