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By HisImperialMajesty
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This subforum is where, if you'd like to, you can post your experiences, good or bad, with other members in transactions you've entered into. This subforum will help create a "paper trail" to assist other members in making decisions on transactions.
This subforum is intended solely as an information source on personal experiences, not a blacklist. FTC forums,, Matt, Leah, Admins, and Mods neither accept nor assume any liability or responsibility for any transactions they are not directly involved in as a sender or recipient. You are ultimately responsible for choosing to enter into a transaction or not, and following through with your choice.

Put the name of the member into the subject line. Example: "Transaction with Panman"
Others can then reply to that specific thread with their experience with that member without having to read through pages of other experiences.

Good experience: Please share with everyone. Your words will be appreciated by all, especially the member you've dealt with. It doesn't have to be a novel, just a mention of the members name, a thank you, and a brief description of your transaction.

Bad experience: Do whatever you can to work it out to a satisfactory conclusion between yourselves before posting anything here. Do not post personal information, stick to the details, and be brief. This is not the place for a debate, nor a back and forth keyboard war. Simply state what made it a bad experience, and again, stick to the details. Posting here about a bad experience should be a last resort, after all other avenues have been explored. Hopefully there won't be any bad experience postings, but, if you feel you must post, be mature about it.

For those researching a member for a transaction: Use the search tool at the top left of the subforum to search for a member by name. There may be some info on this subforum that you'll find useful in deciding whether or not to proceed. If their name isn't listed, that doesn't necessarily mean anything other than they haven't been mentioned before. You could be the first, and help others in deciding to transact with that member in the future.
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By Supercazzola
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Can we also talk about experiences when someone had a giveaway? The way they packed the plants or the quality of the specimen? Seems like it could be very applicable to a future sale / trade.
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