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By Perla Adams
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Two days ago I leaved my plantation (10 babies) outside a couple of hours. Bad idea! The soil dry and almost kill all the babies, 7 survived but in bad shape. I have them in “Intensive Care”.

I bought an instrument to measure humidity and temperature. My ICU has a temperature average of 30 C (86F), but the humidity only marks between 33% and 41%. How can I increase humidity without increase temperature?

In Barry Rice’s Book Growing Carnivorous Plants said that Venus Fly Trap need 50% to 80% Humidity. The temperatures for this months of the year is about what I have 30C. So I need increase humidity keeping the same temperature.

All ideas are welcome

Thank you
My Intensive Care Unit
My Intensive Care Unit
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By Matt
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Hi Perla,

I wouldn't worry about increasing the humidity for the baby flytraps. You'll likely end up with algae problems with higher humidity. But if you do want to increase it, you can add a bowl of water to the set up and put something in it to break the surface tension. I use a fish tank aerator in my Heliamphora tank to help increase the humidity.

Good luck!
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