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By Matt
Thanks for moderating this exchange E.S. and hackerberry.

This kind of interaction is the last thing we want to see on these forums. Timmy and Roey, both of you need to consider how you choose your words when communicating with others. Name calling and antagonizing other member with hurtful words will not be tolerated.
By theflytrapboy
THIS IS A BIT CONFUSING, but i guess it will work-only one thing-HOW DO YOU ORDER A DENTE FROM THERE?
By Timmy
This is a bit confusing, but I guess it will work-only one thing-How Do You Order a 'Dentate Traps' from There?

In the summer you can buy a 'Dentate Traps' plant from there. You just PM me.
By Timmy
I don't understand. You're going to have your store within the message boards for another carnivorous plant store?

yes, or email me.
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